MSSN training manual

The Management of Sick and Small Newborn charts and training manual provide an approach to the assessment, classification and management of sick and small (i.e. preterm and low birth weight) babies from birth, during their stay in a health care facility up to the time of discharge, and follow up. The purpose of the training is for health care workers to acquire the competencies to care for newborns in district hospitals. The training manuals are intended for in-service training of health care workers who already have basic training in midwifery or medicine. The  material can be adapted for pre-service training, and self-study. An exercise book accompanies the manual, and includes the practical application of the theory to cases, as well as introducing learners to the various job aids. During the training additional audio visual material will be seen, group discussions held and clinical sessions conducted.


MSSN facilitator and course director guide

The facilitator manual will assist the facilitator to;

  • Identify competencies required by the health workers in the district or facility
  • Determine who in the district needs training
  • Plan training for the facility or district to meet this need
  • Draw up a course schedule for the training
  • Prepare for the training course
  • Review facilitator skills
  • Monitor and evaluate the individual learners on the training course
  • Monitor and support trained health workers after training

The facilitator’s manual is supported by a CDROM that contains all the training materials, trainee manuals, exercises, pre and post tests, monitoring tools, and Power Point and video presentations.


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